Episode 62 – 2012 Movie Wrap-up


Anne’s visiting family in Texas this week, and so professional film critic Mike Russell steps in to chat with Bill about 2012’s crop of movies. Also on the menu: the future of the Star Wars franchise, and whether or not we may’ve already seen a glimpse of Khan in the Star Trek Into […]

Episode 39 – The Dark Knight Rises

It’s our obligatory Dark Knight Rises spoilercast, but if you haven’t seen the film yet (or just don’t care), no worries – we don’t start dishing out TDKR spoilers until the last segment of the episode (at the 1 hour & 34-minute mark).

But first, we thank Bobby Roberts, Alison Hallett and The Portland […]

Episode Ten – Christmas

Despite nothing going on either in the world at large or in Anne or Bill’s lives, we manage to spend half an hour talking about Batman, The Hobbit, and our feelings about penises (I can’t remember how we wound up talking about that, either.)

Then it’s a dizzying 90 minutes of gab about Christmas memories […]