Episode 158 – Tiger Tank!

It’s a girl-powered episode this week as we talk Agent Carter (well, Anne hasn’t seen it yet, but she gets the gist) and the news that the Girls Scouts are now selling cookies online. Also, we talk Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a bit more Dragon Age, “How LEGO Became the Apple of Toys” and Awesome Games […]

Episode 19 – Mass Effect 1 & 2 Retrospective

We’re in the home stretch in the wait for Mass Effect 3, and to celebrate we talk about all things Mass Effect 1 & 2 – what’s so appealing about the Mass Effect universe in particular, what kind of Shepards we’ve played as, and our hopes for how everything might be resolved in Mass […]

Episode 13 – Strong Female Characters

This week’s topic: Bill and Anne pick their five favorite strong female characters from movies, games, TV shows, comics and books.

But first it’s the news of the week: Anne’s hunt for all things Kat Dennings-related, Bill gripes about the Annotated Sandman, (Vol. 1), everybody geeks out over Parks & Recreation and we pimp Shaenon […]