Episode 23 – A Song of Ice and Fire

Anne and Bill absolutely lose their shit over the “gersbermps berks” girl this week before chatting about the Hunger Games books (and movie), Anne’s attempt to cash in on the Mega Millions lottery, the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra and the new Playstation 4 rumours that sprang up this week.

Then […]

Episode 22 – Endings

The continued outrage over the ending(s) of Mass Effect 3 inspired us to talk about endings this week – what makes a “good” ending to a book, game, movie or TV show different from a “bad” ending or even a plain, simple “satisfying” ending. Warning: we spoil the ending to everything from Mass Effect […]

Episode 21 – Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast

We spend the first 15 minutes of this week’s podcast talking about Journey, the weird UI on the new Game of Thrones Blu-Ray set, Adventure Time issue 2 (starring Emily Carroll and Lucy Knisley!) and the news that The Legend of Korra is due to premiere in less than a month, but […]

Episode 20 – Family Man

Anne’s still busy saving the galaxy in Mass Effect 3, so friend of the podcast Dylan Meconis steps in to talk about her “werewolves in 18th-century academia” webcomic Family Man.

We also talk about the passing of Bill’s personal hero Ralph McQuarrie, the death of Mary Poppins songwriter Robert Sherman, how Portland’s Periscope Studio […]

Episode 19 – Mass Effect 1 & 2 Retrospective

We’re in the home stretch in the wait for Mass Effect 3, and to celebrate we talk about all things Mass Effect 1 & 2 – what’s so appealing about the Mass Effect universe in particular, what kind of Shepards we’ve played as, and our hopes for how everything might be resolved in Mass […]