Episode Six – Snow White

This week on Boy Howdy, the following issues are up for discussion: accidentally buying porn comics, recent DVD & Blu-Ray releases, Bill enjoying Maaario, Anne trotting out her nerd voice to discuss Skyrim, Muppet miscegenation, bea-utiful Tom Hardy and his terrible tattoos, and the internet’s perfect ending to the Simpsons. We also alienate all of […]

Episode Five – Skyrim

Skyrim! Skyrim! Also, Skyrim.

We apologize for ever being disinterested in Skyrim.

Intro: Theme to Skyrim Midway: Carmina Burana: O Fortuna Outro: Conan the Barbarian- The Musical

Episode Four – Lost in the Woods.

Bill and Anne E discuss their particular fixations: Peter Pan and Robin Hood, respectively. Turns out we’re melancholy jerks!

Intro music: Whistle Stop, Disney’s Robin Hood Midway through: Green Grass, Tom Waits Outro: Lonesome Robin, Helen Schneyer

Episode Three – Uncharted 3

Bill & Anne E mainlined Uncharted 3, like you do. Discussions are had. Bill made a list!

Spoiler ahoy, guys!