Episode 108 – Our Favorite Games of 2013

It’s our annual “what we did on Christmas” wrap-up, featuring talk about Santa Claus: The Movie (and the weird lack of movies, books and TV shows *about* Santa), Lady Gaga’s Muppet holiday special, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The World’s End, The Stanley Parable, Persona IV Golden, Matt Smith’s farewell to Doctor Who, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Bob’s Burgers and End of Watch.

And then it’s an hour of talk about our favorite games of the year!

Anne: Tomb Raider, Papers Please, Last of Us, Gone Home, AC4:BF, Kentucky Route Zero and Ridiculous Fishing

Bill: Fire Emblem, Attack of the Friday Monsters, Saints Row 4, Last of Us, Tearaway, Mario 3D World, A Link Between Worlds, ME3 Citadel

  • Intro: Record Scratching Tune (Sogport Remix) – Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira
  • Break: Gibbet Hill (Pilgrimage) – Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira
  • 2nd Break: The Lab – Kenneth Young
  • Outro: The Message – Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira

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