Episode 102 – Console Launch/Current-Gen Retrospective



Anne’s out of town again this week, so listeners Daniel “The Grumpy Turtle” Rutis and Scott “Cannon Heart” Douglas have stepped into her shoes to talk with Bill about memories of past console launches and our favorite (and least favorite) games of the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 generation of videogames.

In the Geek Week In Review: The Fantagraphics Kickstarter, Mexican Coke going corn-syrup (sort of), the closure of the last 300 Blockbuster stores, the imminent reveal of the next Mass Effect game and the trailer for the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special.

  • Intro: Be the First On Your Block to Witness The Birth of R.O.B.
  • Break: Genesis Does What Nintendon’t
  • 2nd Break: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done In A Major Motion Picture
  • Outro: Vigil – Jack Wall

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