Episode 100 – 100th Anniversary Spectacular



On this day in 1913, The Boy Howdy Podcast was discovered living amongst a tribe of wild wolves in Sri Lanka – The Boy Howdy Podcast was clothed only in a comic book loincloth and was eating Spaghettios out of a can with its bare hands before it was transplanted to England and taught the King’s English at Cambridge.

Now, 100 years later, The Boy Howdy Podcast is looking back at its rich legacy of talking badly about things no one with any sense should buy, with podcast listener Grumpy Turtle on hand to make sure Anne and Bill don’t eat lead paint before the episode is over.

  • Intro: Texas Lady – Les Paul and Mary Ford
  • Break: Hill Valley – Alan Silvestri
  • Outro: Bastion’s Happy Flight – Klaus Doldinger

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