Episode 95 – Bee Blood


Thanks to Bill’s sluggish internet connection this episode sounds a little like a farty Transformer talking to someone in a well, but here’s hoping we figure out how to record better-sounding long-distance podcasts in the future.

Anyway, this week we’re talking about goats, alpacas, where honey comes from, The Legend of Korra, The Newsroom, pub games to play with your Social Security number and whether or not Grand Theft Auto V is a game worth getting too revved up about.

And in the Geek Week In Review: Ubisoft’s newly-announced World War I ¬†game Valiant Hearts, Playstation Vita TV, people freaking out about kids using iPads while watching The Little Mermaid in theaters, Steam’s new game-sharing program and J.K. Rowling scripting a new series of films about the Harry Potter universe.

  • Intro: The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
  • Break: Mabe Village – Kazumi Totaka & DJ Cutman
  • Outro: Outset Island – Koji Kondo

We did this episode via Google Hangout — feel free to SEE OUR AWKWARD PAUSES IN ACTION BELOW:


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