Episode Six – Snow White

This week on Boy Howdy, the following issues are up for discussion:  accidentally buying porn comics, recent DVD & Blu-Ray releases, Bill enjoying Maaario, Anne trotting out her nerd voice to discuss Skyrim, Muppet miscegenation, bea-utiful Tom Hardy and his terrible tattoos, and the internet’s perfect ending to the Simpsons.  We also alienate all of our listeners by being unfamiliar with your favorite cartoons.

We start our journey through the Disney Archives with a trip to 1937’s Snow White.  Spoiler alert:  It’s almost unwatchable.  The conversation immediately devolves into cartoon characters with whom our special guest wants to touch body parts.

Special guest Erika Moen!  Yay @erikamoen!

  • Intro:  Disneyland Theme
  • Midway through:  Tom Wait’s messed up cover of Heigh Ho
  • because Tom Waits understands
  • Outro: Itchy & Scratchy & Poochy Theme

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