Episode 90 – Boobs In The Air



We were lucky enough to record this week’s podcast just 5 minutes after the announcement about who will be playing the 12th Doctor, so this week we chat a bit about that, Page Eight, The Sixth Gun, Star Trek: Generations, Hannibal fan art and our desire for more multiplayer long-form videogames before Anne announces that she’ll be giving away a free copy of Gone Home to a lucky listener.

In the Geek Week In Review: Women growing dicks, Gone Home, quarterly console sales, Microsoft’s attempt to create a “jerk ghetto” on Xbox Live, Anne’s plans for Ron Weasley, Emily Carroll’s newest project and Jenn Frank’s Boob Jam.

  • Intro: Onwards! – Murray Gold¬†
  • Break:¬†Please Warm My Weiner – Bo Carter
  • Outro: Tom Vek – The Lower The Sun



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