Episode 88 – Some Serious Sh*t



Being the indoor kids that we are, we spent this past beautiful sun-soaked Portland week farting around in the dark: Anne talks about Orange is the New Black, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search (Part 2), her new hallway mural and (the first half of) Lawrence of Arabia while Bill dishes about Attack of the Friday Monsters, Good Eats and Time for Tease.

Then it’s a New Twinkie Taste Test before we move onto a Geek Week In Review that’s packed with news from San Diego Comicon: Godzilla’s new George Lucas neck-waddle, Legend of Korra: Book 2, Firefly Online, Lego Deloreans, Duncan Jones’ Mute being published as a comic book by Dark Horse and the lady-dominated list of 2013 Eisner Award-winners.

  • Intro: WTF
  • Break: Don’t Tax The Beautiful Girls – As performed by Kathy Brier
  • Outro: Mothra Song – The Peanut Sisters

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