Episode 87 – The Drift



This week: we get slightly spoilery about Pacific Rim, Anne gushes (almost literally from her eyeballs) about Jordan Mechner’s new graphic novel Templar, the book Difficult Men almost makes Bill never want to watch an HBO drama ever again (but then Bill turns around and start yapping about The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire).

In the Geek Week In Review: Broken Age’s budget woes, Nolan North in Saints Row IV, FOX’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV show, The Legend of Korra on Blu-Ray (and Book 2 Korra casting), the return of the First Doctor, Sam Mendes’ return to the Bon franchise, Saving Mr, Banks and Valve Pipeline.

  • Intro: Steady Shock – Girl Talk
  • Break: Jet Jaguar – Eats Sushi From A Pail
  • Outro: Pacific Rim – Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello

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