Episode 84 – AC/E3



Despite having played almost the exact same game on multiple Nintendo platforms in the past, half of this week’s episode is spent talking about Animal Crossing: New Leaf – we remember the times spent with the older AC games while cooing about how weirdly soothing this latest game is, too.

There’s a quick pit stop in The Geek Week in Review (again, mostly games-related stuff, aside from Bill yammering about a carny-slang website and Amazon’s weird new automated storyboarding service) and then we’re off to a bunch of E3 talk: Sony vs. Microsoft, Mirror’s Edge 2, Mad Max, Nintendo getting squeezed by the bigger console makers, and how the indie-friendly PS4 could allow us to play Gone Home and the Double Fine Kickstarter games on a console and with a real controller (as God intended).

EDIT: Here’s the Boy Howdy Steam group Animal Crossing group (where we’re trading 3DS friends codes!)

Anne’s 3DS friend code: 5086-1532-8528

Bill’s 3DS friend code: 2707-1615-1778

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