Episode 78 – Brought To You By Shoeloaf

Wunna wunga by Anne chimme del The Awakening mit der Steve un der Leslie applo Cosmic Encounters it mer Oblivion di chimo Bill gerf nuffo twip ti Game of Thrones, Doctor Who las Mad Men un de snu-poo Knife of Dunwall.

Opp de trippy Geek Week in Review: pupo quanta tiki-rin-tippy oo Futurama, wackchaka oom Pizza Hut dweh Xbox 360, poochi zul kentabba mit Nintendo pondrago melkor DS ago Kotaku gay Dragon’s Crown tibble-pee-troo.

  • Intro: Futurama (theme) – Doo-Doo Dee-Dun Doo-Doo Doo-Doo
  • Break: Gimme Pizza – MAKE IT FINGER LICKIN’
  • Outro: Inspector Gadget (theme) – *Mario Paint Yoshi stomp sound effect*

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