Episode 69, dudes!



Apologies in advance for the lame episode title, but some things can’t be helped. Anyway, this week Anne’s talking about Seven Psychopaths and Park Chan-wook’s films I Saw the Devil and Sympathy For Lady Vengeance while Bill continues to gush about Fire Emblem: Awakening (and not-so-gush about The Cave).

In this week’s Geek Week of Review: Kazu Kibuishi’s beautiful covers for the 15th anniversary Harry Potter reprints, Rayman Legends going multiplatform, our wish for Uncharted and The Last Guardian to be launch titles for the PS4, the latest Durango rumors, the Aliens: Colonial Marines kerfuffle, China Beach on DVD and Vanilla Ice’s new line of home lighting hardware.

  • Intro: Acheron Windstorm – Fatboy Roberts
  • Break: Blue Valentine – Tom Waits
  • Outro: Still Alive (Muppet Mix) – As performed by Joshin Yamada, Bill Mudron and Dylan Meconis

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