Episode 60 – The First Annual ‘Howdies’

Welcome to the first annual Boy Howdy Awards For Excellence In The Field Of Videogaming (a.k.a. the “Howdies”)!

This year’s categories:

  • Best Haircutting Simulator
  • Best Upside-Down Vagina Mountain In A Game
  • Best Game Bill Will Never Be Able To Bring Himself To Complete
  • Best Drunk Scene In A Game
  • Worst Drunk Scene In A Game
  • Best Dingy Tank Tops
  • Biggest Lie Told To Us By Gaming Journalists
  • Gimmick That Should Not Have Worked But Really Did
  • Best (And Worst) Open-World Stealth Game Where You Hunt Animals And Craft Health Items From Plants And That Were Both Published By Ubisoft
  • Worst Doom Clone
  • Best Hotel Lobby Made of Fishtanks
  • Best Game Featuring More Talking Than All Of Nintendo’s Other Games Combined
  • The “Why Did I Buy This, Again?” Award
  • Most Abrupt And Thorough Self-Destruction Of A Once-Beloved Franchise
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best DLC
  • Best Ending
  • Best Worldbuilding/Environment
  • Best Villain/Protagonist/Secondary Character
  • Best New Gameplay Mechanic
  • Best Choice In A Game
  • Biggest Disappointment Of The Year
  • Game Of The Year

Also, we chat about The Hobbit, The Rescuers Down Under and Parks and Recreation. KABOOM.

  • Intro: 24Herbs – Do You Know Me
  • Break: Song of the Lonely Mountain – Neil Finn/Howard Shore/J.R.R. Tolkien
  • 2nd Break: Botanicula Level 3 – DVA
  • Outro: Alive Inside – Jared Emerson-Johnson




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