Episode 58 – The Walking Dead Spoilercast (AKA The Sheening)

Welcome to December, folks. We’re still coming down from our Black Friday highs (Anne’s been playing Assassin’s Creed Liberation on her new Vita while Bill’s been bouncing between Spec-Ops: The Line, Forza Horizon and the Bond 50 Blu-Ray set), yet we still found time to talk about the Omega Mass Effect 3 DLC, Xena: Princess Warrior, Bioshock 2’s Minerva’s Den DLC, Jenn Frank’s “Allow Natural Death“, Swiss Colony petite-fours + Klown, the chemistry between Clooney and A Racist Cartoon Stereotype in Out of Sight and the joys of The Annotated Hobbit.

In this week’s geek news: Studio Ghibli’s next 2 films, behind-the-scenes shakeups on Downton Abbey, the success of the #1reasonwhy hashtag, Spike TV’s choices for the Game of The Decade (from their list, we’d have to choose either World of Warcraft or Wii Sports) and the not–entirely-unexpected demise of Bazooka Joe comics.

Lastly (at the 2-hour mark, roughly) it’s our spoilercast about Telltale’s fantastic The Walking Dead game. We compare notes on who lived, who died, who ate what snacks and who ate whom.

P.S. – Anne wants to know what listeners feel are the best uses of licensed music in videogames – like the use of “Take Us Back” at the end of The Walking Dead or Kanye West’s “Power” in Saints Row 3. Hit us up via email or Twitter!

  • Intro: Don’t Go Into That Barn – Tom Waits
  • Break: Chuck (the hobo from The Walking Dead) noodling around on a guitar
  • 2nd Break: Oh My Clementine – performed by The Sweptaways
  • Outro: Take Us Back – Alela Diane

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