Episode 57 – The Adventures of So-and-so Solo

We’ve recovered from the one one-two punch of Thanksgiving and Black Friday just in time to record this week. We bid farewell to all the money we spent on videogames over the holiday weekend while chatting about Anne’s viewings of Skyfall and The Secret of Kells, plus two interesting articles she read about games this week: Patricia Hernandez’s piece about Fallout 2 and sexual identity, and Brendan Keogh’s lengthy essay about Spec-Ops: The Line. Bill bats clean-up with his adoration for the Wii U’s Miiverse service (despite the rest of the system being a confusing mess), dishes about his fanfic-y ideas for what the new Star Wars movies should be about and coaxes Anne into a discussion about the first 3 chapters of The Walking Dead game.

In the Geek Week in Review: Kickstarters for a documentary about Tyrus Wong, Ryan North’a choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet book and the L.A. Gamespace, Peter Molyneaux’s teary interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, how much it must suck to be Kevin Clash right now, Hugh Laurie playing pirate, Disney’s attempts to kibosh a book about famed animator Ward Kimball, and Maria Bamford’s upcoming $4.99 not-so-special comedy special.

  • Intro: Bacon Pancakes – Jake, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
  • Break: Nintendoland loading music – some poor, awesome schmuck at Nintendo EAD
  • Outro: Gummi Bears Theme (as performed by Alicia Keys)


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