Episode 55 – The Fifth Most Erotic Disney Film

We thought this would be a short podcast this week since Anne was sick and Bill spent most of the week working, but then Bill went to the movies and so he spends an hour talking about Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph and Cloud Atlas, and then Anne finished Assassin’s Creed III right before we recorded, which killed another hour of podcast time. As Anne notes, you could go watch Skyfall and half of Wreck-It Ralph instead of listening to this week’s podcast (though there’s 168 big-ass hours in a week – why not do both?)

Bill also gives a thumbs up to Halo 4 before we move onto the Geek Week In Review: NASA’s reported plan to establish a moonbase within the next 15 years, Michael Arndt’s job writing the new Star Wars trilogy, the (seeming) winding down of DC’s Vertigo comics label, the news that BioWare has officially officially started work on the next Mass Effect game (a lot of talk here about what we want to see in that game) and a judge shooting Silicon Knights in the face with a ruling that every unsold copy of almost every game the studio has made in the last decade needs to be destroyed before the end of the year. Oof.

  • Intro: Some Nights – Fun
  • Break: Sugar Rush Speedway!
  • Outro: Skyfall – Adele

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