Episode 54 – Hot-Butt Prevention Hotline

Holy crap, where do we begin?

I guess by spoiling the first few hours of Assassin’s Creed III  (we’re both a little starstruck at how bad/regressive the game is so far), then dish about Safety Not Gauranteed and the new Lands of Ice and Fire book/map box set-thingy.

Then it’s on to the Geek Week in Review, which is (predictably) mostly about figuring out what the hell happened behind the scenes for George Lucas to suddenly decide to cash in all of his Star Wars chips. We also talk about what Star Wars: Episodes 7-9 will (not) be about and who may be making them, how the Lucasfilm/Disney deal will negatively affect smaller businesses who rely on the Star Wars brand, the worrying state of Disney becoming an all-consuming Sarlacc Pit of family entertainment, and Bill gets a little misty-eyed talking about George Lucas’s love for his damned kids.

We wrap things up with the Hollywood Theatre’s Kickstarter to build a new marquee, George R.R. Martin’s realization that he may not be done with the Song of Ice and Fire books before HBO catches up with him, what a jerk John Lennon was, Christoph Waltz and the Muppets, J.J. Abrams’ plans for The Beastlies and the new Dreamfall game from Ragnar Tørnquist.

  • Intro: Nico Vega – Beast
  • Break: Astronautalis – Trouble Hunting
  • Outro: Across the Stars – John Williams

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