Episode 52 – Our 1 Year-Anniversary Not-So-Special Special


It our 52nd episode + 1 year-anniversary this week, so to celebrate we recorded this episode while broadcasting to a throng of 3-4 fans via Ustream (the unfortunately-watermarked video is archived here). Other than the livestream videocast, we’re up to our usual low-key mayhem as we vow to talk about Dishonored without spoiling any mid-game story stuff (that goes about as well as you might expect), we read off GrumpyTurtle‘s rules for the Boy Howdy Podcast Drinking Game*, manage to discuss Cabin in the Woods without spoiling too much, and then bukkake all over ourselves about Michelle Rodriguez, The Warrior, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Chris Ware’s Building Stories and Estelle’s “American Boy”.

In the Geek Week in Review Department we’ve got: the destruction of Big Tex, the revolving door at Irrational Games, Bill’s love for this gif of a raccoon being thrown out of a monkey pen, and our love of the Victorian whale-punk world of Dishonored inspire some musings on what the hell went wrong with the Fable games.

  • Intro: “Happy Birthday (General)” – Atom and His Package
  • Break: “American Boy” – Estelle (featuring Kanye West)
  • Outro: “Fanfare for Cubicles” – Fatboy Roberts 
*The Boy Howdy Drinking game (Final version. Pick 5 to 8 per episode so you don’t end up dead):
  • When Bill opens his drink: Open your drink.The game has begun.
  • Every time Anne calls Bill a Mother fucker: Take a drink
  • Anytime Bill says “Titties be hanging out”(Or any variation): Take 2 drinks
  • Every time Bill says “Spoilers” after already saying the spoiler: Take 2 drinks
  • Whenever Anne points out Bill is about to make a joke: Take a drink.
  • If Bill Eats something/talks with food in his mouth: take a drink.
  • If Anne eats something: Chug a drink
  • Bill calls someone by a movie title rather than their name: Take 2 drinks
  • Every time Mass Effect/ Korra / Avatar / Uncharted is mentioned: Take a drink
  • Nolan North is mentioned : Take 3 drinks
  • Anne dismisses something Bill recommends: Take 2 drinks
  • Anne calls Bill a mother fucker for recommending something: Take 4 drinks
  • Anne refuses to talk about something: Take 2 drinks
  • Anne or Bill says “MAN…” Take a drink
  • Bill calls someone “friend of the podcast”:  Take a drink
  • Bill mentions Steven King: take a drink.
  • Anne mentions Tom Hardy: take a drink.
  • Bill talks about something he’s talked about before without knowing he’s talked about it before: Take a drink.
  • Bill tries to talk Anne into reading Dark towers: Take a drink
  • Bill talks about some disturbing .gif he found on the internet: Take 2 drinks.
  • Anne says “YEAH!” like Bill: Take 3 drinks…
  • Bill says/screams “YEAH!!” Take a sip (or else you’ll die)


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