Episode 45 – Peanut Butter Trigger Warning

CONTENT WARNING:  Especially not safe for work.  ANNE’S MOM:  Don’t click this one, really.

A 7-day work week hasn’t been enough to keep Anne from playing the hell out of Sleeping Dogs (which Bill is now interested in playing now just because he found out you can dress up the protagonist in Ryo‘s getup from Shenmue). Anne also gives the lowdown on the new movie Lawless, while Bill gives a big thumbs up to the Walking Dead videogame (which he believes is far superior to either the comic or TV show) and dishes about The Lost City of Z.

We then mourn the passing of Lance Armstrong, try to figure why it took Hollywood so long to get rid of the Confederate flag on the General Lee, make plans for our houses-to-be in the new Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, feel jealous (and relieved) that we’re both missing out on PAX this year and revel in the perpetually underdog-flavored weirdness of Sam Rockwell.

  • Intro: When The Man Comes Around – Jonny Cash
  • Break: Burnin’ Hell – Nick Cave
  • Outro: Amy’s Theme – Murray Gold

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