Episode 44 – The Tenth Kingdom


Between Anne buying a house and Bill shipping out a hundred print orders, its a pretty low-key episode this week – you know we’re punchy when the first thing we talk about is the TV miniseries that helped kill the TV miniseries format, The 10th Kingdom. Despite our hectic personal lives, we somehow found time to play Bioshock 2, Sleeping Dogs, Super Mario Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Kerbal Space Program and Analogue: A Hate Story.

We also talk ParaNorman, Super 8, Breaking Bad and Saturday morning cartoon preview night, celebrate Calamity Jon Morris, debate whether or not Princess Bubblegum is a jerk, mourn the passing of Jerry Nelson and Nintendo Power, bemoan Square Enix’s insane mobile game pricing and sigh about the furor over the Polygon documentary’ s teaser trailer.

  • Intro: “Mario 64 Overworld Theme” – Koji Kondo and the Nintendo Big Band Orchestra
  • Break: “To Morrow” – Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson
  • Outro: “You’re So Cool” – Hans Zimmer

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