Episode 42 – Hot Dog Water

Between packing for a move and hitting the gym Anne’s been busy getting ripped this week, but not too busy to extoll the virtues of the Disney cartoon Motor City. Bill retaliates with plenty of licensed comic talk (Marceline and the Scream Queens, Star Trek vs. Doctor Who and Godzilla: Half-Century War) before we move on to this week’s action-packed Geek Week in Review: Tig Notaro‘s cancer diagnosis, how the X-Files are now working for the F(riends) (with)B(enefits,) I(nc), what’s going on with Bioshock: Infinite, why Felicia Day should be put in charge of the World of Warcraft movie and Sony’s secret plan to turn The Last Guardian into the hottest licensed game of 2013.

  • Intro: Pure Imagination – Tig Notaro and Gene Wilder
  • Break: The Entertainer – arranged by Marvin Hamlisch
  • Outro: Miller’s Crossing (opening title) – Carter Burwell

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