Episode 39 – The Dark Knight Rises

It’s our obligatory Dark Knight Rises spoilercast, but if you haven’t seen the film yet (or just don’t care), no worries – we don’t start dishing out TDKR spoilers until the last segment of the episode (at the 1 hour & 34-minute mark).

But first, we thank Bobby Roberts, Alison Hallett¬†and The Portland Mercury for all their kind words about our wee little podcast before yakking about how Purgatory makes for a crappy videogame environment, original pronunciation (OP) Shakespeare, the sleaziness and unbridled optimism of Aaron Sorkin, Anne’s aversion to Friday Night Lights (and our collective love of the Olympics), snacks and swears at the gaming shop, Anne’s Tumblr-fueled fandom flashbacks, the class-oriented ubiquity of the iPhone, the Emmy Award nominations and how Gina Carano tried to lay an egg in Godzooky.

  • Intro: ????
  • 1st Break: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 (performed in its original pronunciation by Ben Crystal)
  • 2nd Break: The Dark Knight Rises (Theme) – Hans Zimmer
  • Outro: Batman Returns (Finale) – Danny Elfman

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