Episode 37 – Anne vs. The Court of Public Opinion

Anne speaks out in defense of The Amazing Spiderman as Bill gushes about Downton Abbey. Anne then goes out and wrestles a grizzly bear while Bill nurses Anne’s young in a cave.

We then grunt our way through this week’s Felicia Day/Anita Sarkeesian kerfuffles, flail at understanding what the Higgs-Boson particle actually does, lament the inevitable death of Chuck E. Cheese and his clattering, dead-eyed brethren, and give psychic high-fives to Ron Perlman for strapping on the Good Samaritan one last time.

  • Intro: Spider-Pig – Hans Zimmer
  • Break: Let’s Go Sunning – Jack Shaindlin
  • Outro: Real Estate – Childish Gambino (featuring Tina Fey)

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