Episode 34 – Prometheus

This week we talk about Prometheus: Anne loved it while Bill didn’t, though we save the Prometheus talk until the end of the podcast to spare folks who haven’t seen it yet (or just don’t care).

We spend the rest of the podcast talking about Kickstarter projects, including CLANG, the Women Vs. Tropes project, the Twilight Zone pinball fundraiser, and our friend Dylan’s Kickstarter to have some of her comics reprinted in time for Halloween. Go check them out!

The rest of the podcast is spent freaking about Robocop (both the 1987 original and the star-studded remake due next year), Indie Game: The Movie, Anne’s belt buckle fetish-follower, the proper way to build a non-flammable photography lighting rig and the inevitable death of films distributed on….well, film.

  • Intro: “Purple People Eater” – Sheb Wooley
  • Break: “Futile Escape” – James Horner
  • 2nd Break: “Life” – Marc Streitenfeld
  • Outro: “The Circle of Life” – Anne

(Thanks to Sid for the header image!)

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