Episode 32 – DEM, DAT AND DOSE


Relationships between men and women (both in real life and the fictional world) got a little strained this week, what with the new (and stupid) Hitman trailer, a fantastic (but depressing) episode of Mad Men, and the revelation that Matthew “LOST” Fox is a really (but really) horrible person. Things are peachy keen between Anne and Bill, though – we talk about Lin/Korra shippers, how E.T. is the Nintendo Wii of blockbuster 80’s movies, the need for better Mass Effect comics (and the essential appeal of Tali Vas Normandy), what makes a PB&J a PB&J, the Battle of Blackwater and a whole bunch of pre-E3 videogame stuff.

  • Intro: “Booska theme” – Booska! (I guess?)
  • Break: “Elliot’s First Kiss” – John Williams
  • Outro: “The Rains of Castamere” – The National


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