Episode 30 – Pawnee Saturday Night


Bill and Anne become painfully aware that TV season is drawing to a close, what with the end of Parks & Recreation last week, the end of 30 Rock and Community this week (well, at least until September) and only a handful of episodes of The Legend of Korra, Mad Men and Game of Thrones left in the hopper. It’s gonna be a looong summer.

Things are just as slow on the videogame front, which is why we’re playing (and talking about) Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3 this week. Also on the menu: The results of last week’s Legend of Korra iTunes season pass giveaway (congrats Brian Smith, and thanks to everyone who entered!), half-naked Rory Gilmore on Mad Men (noooo), peanut butter Cheerios, Lip Service, Dear Esther on the MacThe Rise of the Videogame Zinesters and the announcement of this fall’s deluxe hardcover edition of Finder: Talisman.


  • Intro: “Pawnee Saturday Night” – Fatboy Roberts
  • Break: “Max Payne 3 – Main Theme” – Health
  • Outro: “Death” – C418

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