Episode 26 – Wizard People

Anne and Bill take a break from Witching to talk about which Hogwarts houses they’ve been sorted into (and Pottermore in general), Anne’s struggles with writing a gay romance novel, how Game of Thrones may be a better TV show than a book series, Mad Men’s knockout “thematic short story episodes“, Meredith Gran’s Marceline-centric Adventure Time spin-off comic series, Roger Langridge’s new Popeye comic, and Studio Ghibli movies on Blu-Ray.

Then we wrap things up with some Last Airbender-centric listener feedback (special thanks to Kel McDonald for the link to the A:TLA Annotations Tumblr).

  • Intro:Wizard People, Dear Reader” by Brad Neely
  • Break: “Kaze No Toorimichi” (from My Neighbor Totoro) by Joe Hisaichi
  • Outro: “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries” (from Adventure Time) by Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson

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