Episode 21 – Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast

We spend the first 15 minutes of this week’s podcast talking about Journey, the weird UI on the new Game of Thrones Blu-Ray set, Adventure Time issue 2 (starring Emily Carroll and Lucy Knisley!) and the news that The Legend of Korra is due to premiere in less than a month, but the lion’s share of this week’s talk is all about Mass Effect 3: the ending(s), drunken Quarians, talking string theory with sexbot copilots, and father/daughter reunions involving awesome Asari bartenders:

  • Intro: “Leaving Earth” by Clint Mansell & co.
  • Break: “The Presidium” by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick
  • Outro: “Vigil” by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick

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