Episode 247 – Fuck Machine


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We’re talking about our Turkey Day plans, Dishonored 2, spoilers for the latest episode of Westworld, PSVR, The Godfather Notebook, Empire of the Sun, Foley’s Shark Facts™ and the anniversaries of the Gamecube, Wii, Sneak King and Casino Royale.

In The Geek Week News In Review: Hayao Miyazaki un-retires (again), the upteenth attempt to turn Jeff Smith’s Bone into a CGI film, AMC Theaters wants to charge more for bigger, dumber movies, RIP Lupita Tovar, Carrie Fisher + Harrison Ford, Daenerys Targaryen + Han Solo, and the Game Award nominees.

  • Intro: Turkey Day – Joel and the ‘Bots
  • Break: Suo Gan – James Rainbird and the Ambrosian Junior Choir
  • Outro: Adam Sandler – The Thanksgiving Song

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