Episode 19 – Mass Effect 1 & 2 Retrospective

We’re in the home stretch in the wait for Mass Effect 3, and to celebrate we talk about all things Mass Effect 1 & 2 – what’s so appealing about the Mass Effect universe in particular, what kind of Shepards we’ve played as, and our hopes for how everything might be resolved in Mass Effect 3.

But first we talk about the joys of six-foot clawfoot bathtubs, asynchronous multiplayer in SSX, Charles Pellegrino’s new book Farewell Titanic (and Pelligrino’s lack of a PhD), Assassin’s Creed III’s revolutionary setting, Game Center CX on DVD and taxidermy by way of Dr. Seuss.

  • Intro: “Sweet Soul Brother” (from Jet Set Radio) – Hideki Naganuma
  • Break: “Vigil” (theme from Mass Effect) – Jack Wall and Sam Hulick
  • Outro: “Those Minerals” – Kabuto the Python

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