Episode 232 – Who You Gonna Call?


Anne’s out this week, so Leland Radburn (from the Subcon Serenade podcast) steps in to talk with Bill about the new (and fun!) Ghostbusters flick and its surprisingly great “Ghosts From Our Past” tie-in book, the Richard Donner cut of Superman II, Rogue Legacy, Kerbal Space Program on consoles and the new “50 Year Mission” oral-history-of-Star Trek book.

In The Geek Week News In Review: Nintendo’s nifty Mini NES, Overwatch’s bad-ass new hero, the FTC goes after Pewdiepie, Simpsons World on Apple TV, the new adaptation of IT taking place in the 80s and the death of the last remaining Peanut Sister.

  • Intro: Bustin’ – Neil Cicierega
  • Break: Savin’ the Day – Alessi
  • Outro: Finish (Ghostbusters) – Elmer Bernstein

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