Episode 18 – Emotionally-Scarring Childhood Movies


We’re guaranteed to drive our non-gamer friends crazy this week as we talk about Mass Effect peripherals, the “Hamburger Hepler” debacle, SSX, and the launches of the PA Report & VOX Games gaming news sites, but then counterbalance all of that with talk about newborn babies, Takeshi Kovacs books, Star Trek: Enterprise, Parks & Recreation vs. Community and how we can’t believe that there are still some people in the world who haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender yet.

Then we yap about the movies that scarred us as kids: Time Bandits, Return to Oz, Gremlins, Krull, Anastasia, E.T., Empire of the Sun and Jurassic Park.

Special note: starting with next week’s podcast, we’ll be recording/releasing new episodes of the podcast on Friday evenings/Saturday mornings rather than on Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings. See you on Saturday, March 3rd!

  • Intro: “Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead” by Herbert Stothart and Harold Arlen
  • Break: “Far From Home – E.T. Alone” by John Williams
  • Outro: “Dream Away” by George Harrison

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