Episode 226 – Easy Company


It’s been a quiet week, so this time out we’re just sussing out our feeling about the new Hi-C Ecto Cooler that just hit store shelves while blarfing a bit more about Overwatch, the BBC Farm series, LEGO and Band of Brothers.

In The Geek Week News In Review: The last Back to the Future ride shut down, Star Wars: Rogue One is due for heavy reshoots, the new Mary Poppins flick will be a sequel, Lucasfilm finally gets into the lightsaber-making business, the 20th anniversary of Dragonheart and Bob Ross’s debut on Netflix.

  • Intro: Ghostbusters – Elmer Bernstein
  • Break: Down on the Farm – The Pearl Trio
  • Outro: Yoda Sings – Bad Lip Reading

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