Episode 220 – Hot Sauce In My Pocket (Pokesauce?)


We’re taking a break from sipping Beyonce’s Lemonade to talk about the bland awfulness that is Star Fox Zero, the mid-season Vikings finale, Anne’s visit to a lumberjack circus,¬†the Richard Moll films Evilspeak and The Sword & The Sorcerer, Enter the Gungeon, Invisible Inc., the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ‘beta’ and Dark Souls III.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the Disney animation setup that sold for $6000 on eBay, the PS4 Neo specs, Ken Levine’s interactive Twilight Zone…thing, RIP Chyna and Prince, and one of Bill’s favorite childhood museum displays is due for its moment in the spotlight.

  • Intro: Partyman – Prince
  • Break: The¬†Lumberjack Song – Michael Palin & the Python crew
  • Outro: Formation – Bey

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