Episode 218 – I’m A Rebel


Anne’s back (with Foley in tow), so we’re catching up with the Rogue One trailer, Miitomo, Portland’s new QuarterWorld arcade/bar and the Cate Blanchett Queen Elizabeth films.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the hour-long Zootopia documentary that just debuted on Youtube, the hidden tell in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! that took gamers 30 years to discover, the end of Wii U manufacturing, more FLCL incoming, the upcoming “Alien Day“, the summer return of Steven Universe and the reuniting of the old MST3K crew.

  • Intro: Rogue One (trailer music) – Alexander Desplat?
  • Break: Eyes on Mii (Mii Tomo Grooves) – DJ Cutman
  • Outro: Welcome to my Room (Mii Tomo Grooves) – DJ Cutman

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