Episode 17 – 2 Player Productions

This week (at the 58:43 mark) we sit down with Paul Owens and Asif Siddiky of 2 Player Productions, the fine folks responsible for the Reformat the Planet chiptunes documentary, the first season of Penny Arcade: The Series, the Kickstarted Minecraft documentary and their new film documenting the creation of Double Fine’s ‘old-school’ adventure game. We talk about the origins of 2PP, the status of the Minecraft and Double Fine projects, and the difficulties in convincing Nintendo to let a similar film ever be made about its staff.

The first hour of the podcast we chat about the usual goofy stuff, however – the Mass Effect 3 demo, the FX show The League, Louis C.K. on Parks & Recreation, Forza 4, and the correct pronunciation of the word “biopic”. It’s riveting stuff.

  • Intro: “El Scorcho” by Weezer, as performed by Tugboat
  • Break: “Reformat the Planet” by Bit Shifter
  • Outro: “Plastic Stars” by Freezepop

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