Episode 211 – Dat Booty Just Too Fine

They’re still trying to dredge Anne’s body out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, so Daniel “The Grumpyturtle” Rutis sits in this week to talk about why he loves The Witness so much while Bill blabs about The Venture Brothers, Final Fantasy VI, HBO’s 7-hour cut of The Godfather 1+2, and the Star Wars Minute Podcast.

In The Geek Week news In Review: RIP Abe Vigoda, CBS’s shortsighted attempt to pull Star Trek content from Netflix and Amazon in the hopes people will pay for CBS All Access to watch it, The Fine Brothers/reaction video kerfuffle on Youtube, Dangerous Golf, Game Developer Barbie and the reveal of all 11 wizarding schools in the Harry Potter universe.

  • Intro: Terra’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu
  • Break: Connie’s Wedding (The Godfather) – CarmineĀ Coppola
  • Outro: Tuff (The Venture Brothers) – J.G. Thirlwell

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