Episode 206 – Pressed Ham in a Tin Can


There’s a bit of Undertale and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate talk this week, but the main feature is a Force Awakens spoilercast at the end of the show (starting at the 51-minute mark) guest starring friend-of-the-podcast Hannah Groff, who has a unique perspective on the film since this is her first Star Wars flick!

In The Geek Week News Review: Undertale tears GameFAQs apart, the terrible Star Trek beyond trailer, the cool Ghostbusters character posters, MBMBAM becomes a TV show, footage of ID Software’s Super Mario 3 PC port surfaces, Studio Ghibli co-producing a new animated film and the return of Steven Universe.

  • Intro: The Imperial March – Kuricorder Quarter
  • 1st Break: Spider Dance (Undertale) – Toby Fox
  • 2nd Break: Rey’s Theme – John Williams
  • Outro: The Jedi Steps and Finale – John Williams

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