Episode 198 – Tardy Crashing the Party

Anne’s off at Fallout 4 bootcamp, so this week, Daniel Rutis (Bill’s co-host of the Tardy to the Party podcast) sits in to talk about “Back to the Future Day” (ugh), Yoshi’s Wooly World, the new ‘Good Nintentions’ NES retrospective book, Claude Rains in The Phantom of the Opera, Adventure Time: Jake & Finn Investigations, Minecraft Story Mode, Bob Ross and local PBS personalities in general.

In The Geek Week News In Review: the return of Gilmore Girls, Konami & Kojima finally/officially split, Bryan Fuller’s attempt to resurrect Amazing Stories and the new Day of the Tentacle remaster.

And lastly – at the 1 hour 47 minute mark – we’ve got an Until Dawn spoiler mini-segment.

  • Intro: The Future (Back to the Future part II) – Alan Silvestri
  • Break: Where You Lead – Carole King, Toni Stern & Louise Goffin
  • Outro: Amazing Stories (End Credits) – John Williams

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