Episode 175 – I Can’t Believe We Didn’t Make A Tomorrow-Morrow Land Joke

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We’re back from the wasteland to give our 2 cents about Mad Max: Fury Road (warning: spoilers ahead), which pretty much dominates the front half of the podcast this week (along with the news that The Witcher 3 supports real-time beard growth.)

In the Geek Week News In Review: Hasbro kicking Black Widow out of toy sets depicting her own acton scenes in Age of Ultron, Harry Shearer quitting The Simpsons, a pixel artist’s great essay about pixel art, the news that Portland’s Lloyd Center 10 theater is doomed, and BB King’s lasting contribution to macaroni & cheese jingles.

  • Intro: Unused Thunderdome intro music – Maurice Jarre
  • Break: Bartertown Pigrock – Maurice Jarre
  • Outro: We Don’t Need Another Hero (Instrumental) – Tina Turner, Terry Britten & Graham Lyle

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