Episode 161 – And will four years before we rest


No Bill this week as Anne and friend of the podcast Conley Smith shove him out of the treehouse so they can shout about Grim Fandango. Considering they both played more than once before they hit puberty, maybe those feelings are strong. After a long fond-fest, Anne bounces to the other end of the spectrum to opine on Life Is Strange, a (spoilers!) terrible game.

In the geek week in review, we discuss musicals, feeeeeeemales, man meat, and give Bill a call to clarify his notes.

(Pardon for the bumps and bobbles — perhaps Anne was too distracted by lego to add a sound buffer beneath the mic and the desk.)

  • Intro: Casino Calavera- Grim Fandango OST
  • Break: Mr. Frustration Man – Grim Fandango OST
  • Outro: O Green World – Gorillaz

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