Episode 160 – Pointy Kraut Hat

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.58.48 AM


We’ve got a special guest this week as all-round swell gal Maxwell Motley joins us to talk about Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle pilot, beating Dragon Age 2, the sci-fi flick Predestination, The Venture Bros, the Resident Evil remake remaster, Mondo’s $300 Iron Giant figure, Steven Universe and how Cadbury just messed up the formula for creme eggs in the UK.

In the Geek Week News in Review: the death of Club Nintendo, leaked Series 14 LEGO minifigures, George Lucas’s hastily-scribbled story notes for more Star Wars being rejected by Disney, American Sniper’s fake baby, a few lost films that will be seen for the first time in decades later this year, King Tut’s busted-ass beard and how this is the perfect time to head down to Disneyland.

  •  Intro: No Vacancy (The Venture Bros. theme) – J.G. Thirwell
  •  Break: We Are The Crystal Gems – Rebecca Sugar
  •  Outro: Companeros – Peter McConell

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