Episode 147 – Moist Werewolf



Bill pesters Anne about An American Werewolf in London while Anne grumps about Outlander, but things start to look up as we gush (together) about The Great British Bake-Off and Bill dishes about the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

In the Geek Week News In Review: 90-year old plaster sphinxes discovered in the Californian desert, Brad Bird narrowly missing Episode VII, HBO Go finally cutting the cord, I AM BREAD, Robert Redford in the Pete’s Dragon remake (!?), and the return of TMBG’s Dial-A-Song service!

  • Intro: Arcade ambience – 30,000 years of human evolution and technological innovation
  • Break: Moondance – Van Morrison
  • Outro: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants

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