Episode 11 – Pinocchio

This week Erika Moen returns as our special guest for another round of talk about Disney animated features – this time out we gab about Disney’s second animated film, Pinocchio.

But first, Anne and Bill talk about the movies they watched over New Year’s break: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Return to the 36 Chambers of Shaolin (the Shaw Bros. kung-fu flick, not the Ol’ Dirty Bastard album), with a Mass Effect/Skyward Sword/Community chaser.

  • Intro: “I’ve Got No Strings” performed by The Andrews Sisters
  • Break: “When You Wish Upon A Star” performed by Cliff Edwards
  • Outro: “La Biblioteca” by Troy and Abed

2 comments to Episode 11 – Pinocchio

  • Alain

    I’m astonished at the lack of love for at least some tiny bits of Dr Who. I would have thought that it would have spread from the two movies where Peter Cushing played Dr Who. Peter Cushing. Doesn’t the name ring a bell?

    • Anne doesn’t care much for Who but I love it – I just didn’t care for the last season of the show. I still think Moffat has pulled off some the niftiest things ever seen on the show, and his first season as showrunner is still my favorite.

      Also, I really, REALLY love the the first Cushing film, and especially its candy-colored visuals. I was super-happy when 11’s TARDIS regenerated into Cushing’s (at least on the outside).

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