Episode 141 – To To Fat


It’s been a quiet week, so we’re just blabbing about Key Largo, Diablo III, Teen Wolf, watching PAX panels from home and The Lego Movie Game.

In the Geek Week In Review: Pizza Hut’s pizza cats, the return of GaymerX, Animal Crossing DLC for Mario Kart, the New 3DS, the Saints Row IV current-gen port and Gat Out Of Hell DLC, Firewatch, Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Greatest American Hero, The Legend of Korra’s January return, Studio MIR’s Dreamworks deal and the Universal’s plans to destroy silent film-era Phantom of the Opera soundstage.

  • Intro: Key Largo (theme)  – Max Steiner
  • Break: Tiny Tunes (theme) – the little musician guy who lives in your Super Nintendo
  • Outro: Believe It Or Not It’s Just Me – Joey Scarbury

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