Episode 139 – Star Wars Rumor Control Special



Anne decided to take this week off to work on her Lego town, and so Conley Smith, Jimmy Presler, Bobby Roberts and Mike Russell step in to talk about all the weird Star Wars: Episode VII stuff that was (supposedly) leaked this week – from TRON-like Stormtrooper helmets to Jedi being held in captivity for 30 years, we debate the merits of each rumor and try to figure out how they would all piece together into a single coherent story (spoilers: they really don’t).

We also spend the last half hour side-tracked with Marvel talk, from which of the Marvel films are our favorites to the lessons that the Star Wars Story Group may learn from all those funnybook films.

Note: the first two Boy Howdy Star Wars Specials – from May 2012 and May 2014 – can be found here and here.

  • Intro: Episode IV End Titles – John Williams
  • Outro: Episode V End Titles – John Williams

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