Episode 137 – Aesthetic Shipoopi



We’ve got a lopsided talk about gender and violence in regards to Guardians of the Galaxy this week (lopsided because Anne hasn’t seen the film yet), but we make up for that with a lengthy talk about BDSM and fetishism in regards to film (by way of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer). We also spend a lot of time freaking out about The Prince of Egypt and then fart a bit about Hell on Wheels, Elizabeth and Tokaido.

In the Geek Week In Review: Who we’d cast in Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters movie, the official closure of Studio Ghibli, the Into the Woods trailer, RIP Dick Smith, Hollywood’s last-ditch effort to keep film stock from going extinct, EA Access, the 25th anniversary of the Game Boy’s debut and the release of the LEGO lady scientists set.

  • Intro: Ooh, Child – The Five Stairsteps
  • Break: When You Believe – Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz
  • Outro: Ghostbusters (Finish) – Elmer Bernstein

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